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Additional insurance

All road transport assignments in Europe are governed by the provisions of the CMR convention. In case of loss or damage, DHL’s liability is legally limited to 8.33 SDR (+ € 10,-) per gross kilo.

On top, DHL Parcel Belgium offers his business clients a free increased liability coverage up to € 500,- purchase value for all shipments to business addresses (both domestic and international) and for all international parcel shipments to private addresses (outside the Benelux). For parcel deliveries to consumers in the Benelux this increased liability is offered as an optional service with surcharge. 

If you require extra security for your valuable shipments, you can arrange for an additional ‘all risks’ insurance. A fixed charge plus a percentage of the insured value per shipment will apply. Additional insurance can be arranged with a DHL Parcel nominated insurance company.