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Receive shipments

Can I trace my shipment if I do not have a tracking number?

Sometimes this is possible. We strongly advise you to always note the tracking number. If you did not receive a tracking number, please contact the sender. If you have a reference number of the sender our customer services department can help you trace the shipment.

Do I need to pay import duties on items I purchase?

You will have to discuss this with the seller. It depends on the type of goods you purchase, the value of the goods, how the seller labels them for customs purposes and in which country the goods were purchased. If customs impose a charge, DHL will pay this in the first instance. You are advised to pay whether or not you accept delivery of the goods.

I was charged customs duties and taxes by DHL for articles which I purchased online. Why was this charge not included in the shipping costs?

Please be aware that goods purchased on internet sites may not originate from your home country or from a country within the European Union. When goods are sent from a country outside the European Union, you are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes your local Customs authority deems appropriate. Duties and taxes are typically not included in the price of the goods purchased online.

DHL pays the Customs authorities all duties and taxes that are due on the goods when they enter the country. This process ensures that our courier can deliver your goods in the shortest possible transit time. Please note that we only release goods to you upon the full repayment of any duties and taxes that have been paid on your behalf.


What is the maximum size for a pallet?

The maximum length of a pallet is 120cm. Pallets longer that 120 cm but not exceeding 240 cm may be sent via DHL Parcel at an additional charge. The maximum width is 100 cm while the height (including the height of the pallet itself) is 200 cm.

How do I calculate the volumetric weight?

The weight of your shipment is determined in two ways: the actual weight and the volumetric weight. the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost. The volumetric weight is calculated on the basis of the size of your shipment and a weight of 250kg per m3 (formula: length x width x height in cm divided by 4,000).

How do I make a loss/damage claim for a DHL shipment that failed to arrive, or was damaged?

If your shipment failed to arrive of was damaged, please inform our customer service as soon as possible by using the online claim form. We aim to reply within 10 working days.

Do I need to include customs paperwork with my shipment?

When you send shipments to countries outside the European Union (for example Switzerland and Norway) you need to include a pro-forma invoice or commercial invoice. It is also possible that you need to include additional customs documentation to allow customs clearance of the goods in the country of destination. Please click on link for more information or how to create a pro-forma invoice. Click here for customs support or to create your customs paperwork.

What payment methods can I use with DHL Parcel?

You need to open an account if you want to ship with DHL Parcel. This offers you negotiated price savings and the opportunity to pay by weekly invoice.

What is the current fuel sucharge?

Click here for information on the current fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge is based on diesel prices published monthly by the European Energy Commission.

I have tried to track a shipment and have been told to contact DHL. Why is this?

This usually occurs when our information is insufficient to track the shipment for you. The address may be incorrect; we might require clarification or some additional information may be required. The matter can be resolved quickly by contacting our customer service department. Please note: if you are not the sender of the shipment, please contact the sender directly.

What are the maximum measurements allowed for parcels?

The maximum size for a parcel is 120 cm (length), 60 cm (width) by  50 cm (height). The maximum weight for a parcel is 31.5 kg. If the parcel is heavier than 31.5 kg, an additional surcharge will apply or we will place it onto a pallet. This is in accordance with health and safety regulations. When you need advice on shipping larger consignments, please contact our customer service department.

How many pallets can be shipped in one consignment?

A maximum of five pallets per consignment can be sent within the Benelux. A surcharge will apply when you send more than five pallets to one address on the same day. If you regularly send more pallets in one shipment, please contact your DHL Parcel sales contact so we can find a solution for your shipment requirements.